Spike Spiegel (farewell_season) wrote in consolecontrol,
Spike Spiegel

Nintendo Revolution :

Any new rumors?
Any new news?

And will it be as revolutional as the name says?

I wonder..
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What is Nintendo Revolution? I don't think I've heard of that.
It's the newest Nintendo console, Rumor is that it will be out end of this year, to keep up with the competition.

But I also heard it will come out next year.

Other things I've heard are that it will have WiFi compatibility, and the controllers will be wireless.
Also, the Gamecube games will be playable on the Revolution, and some more.

I guess Nintendo will have some surprises for us on the upcoming E3. :)
So what!
I really dont get the point!
isnt just one nintendo enough =/?
sorry im not a game freak!
Keep up with the compitition?

Microsoft and Sony are both making a new console, with better graphics, and the console being faster, so Nintendo has to keep up, or they won't make any money..
oh i see..