xvwvx (xvwvx) wrote in consolecontrol,

Application form

Name: Caleb
Age: 21
Location: Alabama :(

Favorite Console: Gamecube or SNES
Favorite Publisher: I really couldn't say. EA, Namco, Nintendo
Favorite Game: At the moment I'm really liking Medal of Honor: Frontlines, but my favorite game of all time is probably Link to the Past. Or Ocarina of Time... or Super Mario Kart (for SNES)... Or Tales of Symphonia ... or StarCraft... So many games...
Console you hate: I honestly don't even concider it a console, but I hate the box. You know the one. The one with the "X" in front of it.

Do you like Anime/Manga? Yes. A lot, in fact.
Do you like music? Yes I do.
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